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About Fred's Send A Kid Fishing

38 years ago, Fred began the program to get kids fishing who may not have the chance otherwise.  He believed giving kids the chance to get out there would encourage a life-long love for the sport, increasing the appreciation, and eventual conservation efforts.  The Send a Kid Fishing program will be continued through efforts by Fred's son, Paul.  

in his words... 

From the October, 2019 Issue of the Fisherman Magazine

If we are to continue to have good fishing access, sound fisheries, a healthy marine environment, and clean lakes and streams going forward, it is critical we have a strong population of anglers to act as stewards to protect these critical issues. We all know how important it is to introduce youngsters to the fishing game and I am encouraged by the number of parents who send me photos of their children with their latest catches. In fact, in all the years I’ve been at this gig, I don’t recall ever getting as many of these photos as I have this season. Credit some of that to the i-Phone, and some of it to a generation of parents that are heavily involved with their children’s activities.

 All donations will support Fred's mission to get as many kids fishing as possible. We are hoping to continue Fred's trips with local school districts, organizations, and charter boats.


 checks can be mailed to :

Fred's Send a Kid Fishing

P.O. Box 134, 

Center Moriches, NY 11934

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